The regions recently updated their plans for ACT teams and other mental health services throughout Iowa. And, in those plans, they discuss in detail each core service and where they are located. In recent posts, we talked about what ACT teams are and where they were last year. This post will update each region and highlight places of development across Iowa.


Regional ACT Teams:

Here is the list of ACT teams throughout the regions:

  1. Central Iowa Community Services: Eyerly Ball Community Mental Health Services is implementing ACT services in Story, Hamilton and Boone counties. CICS is exploring further implementation of ACT services in FY 20.
  2. County Rural Offices of Social Services: ICROSS contracted with Resources for Human Development (RHD) to provide a rural Assertive Community Treatment to serving 62 clients.
  3. County Social Services: ACT services in Waterloo, Spencer and Fort Dodge
  4. Eastern Iowa MHDS region: Vera French Community Mental Health center in Davenport
  5. Heart of Iowa Region: Money added for start-up in 2020
  6. MHDS of the East Central Region: $1 Million budgeted for this service in 2020
  7. Northwest Iowa Care Connections: Seasons Center provides a rural ACT team in the region.
  8. Polk County Health Services: Eyerly Ball Community mental health center
  9. Rolling Hills Community Services Region: Seasons Center in Buena Vista county
  10. Sioux Rivers MHDS: ACT team Seasons Center Spencer, Iowa
  11. South Central Behavioral Health Region: ACT in Appanoose county with RHD
  12. Southeast Iowa Link: Determined workforce shortage and rate issues prohibit development
  13. Southern Hills Regional Mental Health: Plans to develop with other regions in area
  14. Southwest Iowa MHDS Region: There was $300,000 in the budget for this service in FY 2020 for development of this service

Increases in ACT team Coverage:

Since the FY 2019 report, these regions have increased their ACT team coverage.

  1. Central Iowa Community Services: Has expanded into Hamilton county
  2. County Rural Offices of Social Services: grew from serving 28 to 62 persons last year
  3. Rolling Hills Community Services Region: added ACT services in Buena Vista county
  4. Sioux Rivers MHDS: Added Seasons Center in Spencer, Iowa
  5. South Central Behavioral Health Region: Added ACT in Appanoose County

Areas of ACT team Development:

These regions are in development of additional services across Iowa.

  1. Central Iowa Community Services: Looking to explore into rural Iowa in 2020
  2. County Rural Offices of Social Services: Adding funding for housing for ACT team clients
  3. County Social Services: Planning to add services to the east (Allamakee, Chickasaw, Clayton, Fayette, Howard and Winneshiek Counties) and north (Cerro Gordo, Floyd, Hancock, Mitchell, Winnebago, and Worth Counties). Launch planned in 2020.
  4. MHDS of East Central Region: Adding funds to develop service in region
  5. Heart of Iowa region: Looking to develop with region to south of Dallas County.
  6. Rolling Hills Community Services: Working to expand ACT throughout region
  7. South Central Behavioral Health Region: Expanding ACT for Mahaska, Wapello and Davis counties

ACT team Challenges Ahead:

One ACT team challenge to watch for in next legislative session.

The state decided to pay for only 5 of 7 days of ACT service in Medicaid. ACT services are a 24/7 service. Because of this decision, regions are on the hook for a minimum of two days a week of this service. And, they have to fund any wrap around costs not covered by Medicaid. This means, increased costs in housing and transportation. The state estimates that changing to a 7 day a week service for payment is an increase of $3 Million to the Medicaid budget.

Paying for the full ACT service is one way the state could improve on relations with regions. And, Medicaid could fully fund the services it can, reducing pressure on some cash strapped regions.

Discussion Question:

Do you think the state should fully cover this critical 7 day a week service?